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Heroes of Wisdom: Clay Christensen, Innovation in Education

The Utah Home Education Convention last weekend was a great event!  It has been many years since the Convention was last held in Provo, a city alive with young homeschooling families.  I learned a lot from them.  I’ve begun writing up the messages I gave and will start sending out in potions as quickly as I can.

One thing I very briefly mentioned at the convention is the need for our youth to have worthy heroes and for all of us, young and old, to connect to wisdom.   I mentioned the work of Brother Clayton Christensen, a well-known Harvard professor, businessman, and church leader.  Brother Christensen qualifies as a hero and a connection to abundant wisdom.

President Monson spoke of Brother Christensen in a 2010 General Conference address and again in a November 2011 BYU Devotional, so the hero is well endorsed!

On two occasions Elder Christensen spoke at BYU-I Devotionals, once in 2004 and again in 2010.  These are talks your teenagers ought to watch.  (The audio link for the 2010 program does not seem to work, but the video works fine.  This is a mind stretching talk!)

Elder Christensen can also be seen on BYU-TV on the program, Latter-Day Profiles.  The first program repeats some of the 2004 Devotional but is still very interesting.  The second one, like the 2010 Devotional, is profound.

I have begun reading Elder Christensen’s book, Disrupting Class, which I find fascinating.  Next on my reading list is The Innovative University, which he wrote with Henry J. Eyring, son of President Henry B. Eyring and a Vice President at BYU-Idaho.  A Deseret News review says:

The book explains how universities got to where they are today and how they need to change by raising quality, lowering cost and serving more students. They use Harvard and BYU-Idaho as examples throughout the book. Eyring described the book as telling the reader: “this is where higher education is going and this is how to solve it.”

Considering that BYU-I was described some years ago by then-President David A. Bednar as a “temple of learning,” it would seem that we should have our eye on the innovative things that are and will be happening there, some of which involve innovative computer learning.  We might find patterns and methods that we can follow to help our own children prepare for the Lord’s universities.

If you watch and/or read Elder Christensen’s wisdom, please comment so others will be encouraged as well.