The Election is the Lesson: Asking the Right Question

October 21, 2012

After the first presidential debate, a good man in Idaho wrote, “I honestly don’t know how you can possibly have a debate about the economy without talking about the Federal Reserve, quantitative easing, the trade deficit, Europe, the decline of the U.S. dollar. . . .”

He can’t, but can uneducated citizens? He is really questioning the Constitutionality of candidates. Is that the right question?

Since the Constitution is only possible for a moral and religious people, or in Book of Mormon terms, for the righteous, the first questions need to be about our worthiness and our ability to be blessed with an inspired Constitutional government.

The same good man also said neither candidate will “do much to change the direction of this country one way or another.” That is because he believes the Gadiantons have gotten above us. He forgets that the Lord can get above them – if He judges us to be deserving.

In a September Ensign article, Restoring Morality and Religious Freedom, Elder Quentin L. Cook mapped out the events that prepared our country for the Restoration of the gospel and charged us to work in our families and communities to “improve the moral fabric of society and protect religious freedom.”

Here is the sequence of events:

“1. A unique and profoundly important group of achievements occurred during the 1500s and early 1600s.“
This includes Tyndale’s translation of the Hebrew and Greek versions of the Bible into English so it could be read by the people. Then, “With the enhancement of the English language by Tyndale and Shakespeare, wise and noble scholars produced the magnificent King James Version of the Bible in 1611. This great book of scripture has endured and is as important to us today as it was 400 years ago.”

“2. English common law and the U.S. Constitution.”
“At about the same time as the events just described, Sir Edward Coke produced the consolidation of English law in written form. His work was to law what the King James Bible was to religion. His volumes covered every conceivable legal topic and stated what the common law was on each.”

“Many consider the provisions of the common law produced by Coke as a foundation for several provisions in the U.S. Constitution, which celebrates its 225th anniversary this year and is viewed by Latter-day Saints as both inspired and necessary to the Restoration. Five elements of the Constitution have been identified as being particularly inspired:

1) Separation of powers into three independent branches of government.
2) The Bill of Rights’ guarantee of freedom of speech, press, and religion.
3) Equality of all men and women before the law.
4) The federal system, with a division of powers between the nation as a whole and the states.
5) The principle of popular sovereignty—the people are the source of government.”

It is very refreshing to see an apostle remind us of such important, basic, fundamental underpinnings of the Constitution. I take this article very seriously.

3. Scientific achievements, including the Industrial Revolution, the communications revolution, and advancements in medicine. . . . “
Elder Cook quotes historian Daniel Walker Howe: “During the thirty-three years that began in 1815, there would be greater strides in the improvement of communication than had taken place in all previous centuries. A second communications revolution has occurred during our lifetime. The most significant part of this involves the Internet.”

The Lord has given us the tools with which to do His work.

“4. A return to Judeo-Christian moral principles.
This was especially necessary for the Restoration of the gospel. A renewed emphasis on morality occurred in both England and the United States. It involved fervent religious awakenings, including those associated with the area of western New York State.”

Elder Cook’s article is about protecting our right to freely express our religion. Just as fish are the last to notice water, we have not paid attention to our religious liberty. Freedom of worship is not the same as freedom of religion. This warning from Francis Cardinal George, Catholic Archbishop of Chicago was recently published in the Deseret News:

“Freedom of worship was guaranteed in the Constitution of the former Soviet Union. You could go to church, if you could find one. The church, however, could do nothing except conduct religious rites in places of worship– no schools, religious publications, health care institutions, organized charity, ministry for justice and the works of mercy that flows naturally from a living faith. All of these were co-opted by the government. We fought a long cold war to defeat that vision of society.”

Are we asking ourselves the right questions? Might the right questions include some of these?

Is our first national priority the restoration of religious liberty?
I think Elder Cook is pleading with us, from the Savior, to make it so.

Are we or are we not a moral and religious people?
Some of us are and some of us are not, but none of us is perfect – so we don’t know where the Lord draws the line. Are we righteous enough, and are there enough of us, to merit our Divinely inspired Constitution?

Who are the candidates most likely to protect religious liberty?
Our current president is working to destroy religious liberty and freedom of conscience. America does not understand this man. I suggest you go
here for a video trailer and CPAC speech by Dinesh d’Souza and consider watching his movie, 2016. To learn about the president’s mentor, go here, Also go here for Beck’s inspiring story of the Churchill incident mentioned by d’Sousa. Until d’Souza put the puzzle together for us, we could not have understood why the Churchill bust was returned.

Also search YouTube for “The Real Mitt Romney Glenn Beck” for Beck’s September 14, 2012 interviews with several families about Mitt Romney’s character. You’ll find four or five clips. Then for fun, here is Romney’s hilarious “roast” at the annual Albert Smith dinner.

What changes do we need to make to bring full Constitutionality back to our country?
Regardless of the outcome of the elections, our job is to work on ourselves, and then to work in our families and communities to become a more educated, moral, and religious people. We need to cleanse our hearts of entitlement dependencies on government and our behaviors of actions that are not in conformity with the Constitution. It may take us some time to do this.

Is there an order in which these things need to happen?
I don’t know the answer to that one. Maybe we work on all at once.

The current political battle is about good vs evil. If we do not elect enough good candidates, we will see religious liberty continue to be lost and along with it, morality and freedom. Morality includes proper financial practices, proper statesmanship, proper conduct in war – all the things that are part of good government.

Frequent days of fasting and prayer called for by government are a long held tradition in our country, or at least the used to be. A great deal of fasting and prayer is going on in our country today in what might end up being a Third Awakening.

There are many good candidtates running for offices right now who truely want America to be restored; but can they do it? Will they be led or forced astray by the Gadiantons as the patriot in Idaho predicts? If so, we will be in bondage. Let’s accept Elder Cook’s plea and give it a good fight.

Another article in the same Ensign magazine, How Disciples of Christ Live in Times of War and Violence, tells us “We live in a season of war.” That’s a quote from President Hinckley. The first three section titles highlight his words:

“Obedience Invites Deliverance
War Can Be a Call to Repent
God Provides Relief during War”

In the sidebar of this article we see what may also happen: “Amlici lost a contentious but legitimate election yet refused to relinquish his desire to reign over others.” That could happen in more than one of the current political races.

It is time to get serious and increasingly prayerful.

For further study listen to or read a very special article, America’s Fate and Ultimate Destiny, by Marion G. Romney, then second counselor to President Kimball, given at Brigham Young University on 2 May 1976. Notice the year; it was the bicentennial of the Declaration of Independence. I listened to the talk several times before I made the last name connection. Duh!


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