The Election is the Lesson: Protecting Religious Liberty

October 14, 2012

In the Vice President debate, Joe Bidden said no church would be forced to pay for birth control, which I knew was not true and I’m sure is a concern to our leaders. I went to the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty to read their answer to that lie. Then, looking around the site, I found a picture on their “Our History” link which shows Thomas Beckett being martyred. The text read:

The Becket Fund is named after Thomas A. Becket (1118-70 AD), who stood resolutely at the intersection of church and state. As a friend of King Henry II, Becket served as Chancellor of England and oversaw the laws of the kingdom. But as Archbishop of Canterbury, he steadfastly refused to allow the King to interfere in the affairs of the Church and was martyred by the King’s knights for defending the principles of religious liberty.

The artist, Michael D. O’Brien, wrote:

After Becket’s death, Henry II’s reign became increasingly destabilized . . . . At the same time the Church in England flowered. In striving to amass power for the throne, the king had lost it. In losing his life, St. Thomas had gained it. These lessons remain unchanging to our own day.”

Religious liberty is necessary for our gospel to survive. (See Elder Cook’s article in the August Ensign), and it is being challenged in our day. Our apostles have written about it several times. We have a presidential candidate who has been destroying religious liberty. Do we have one who will protect religious liberty? Do we have Congressional candidates who will?

We welcome your comments.

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