The Election is the Lesson: Times of Fasting and Prayer

October 14, 2012

Millions of Americans from thousands of Christian congregations are fasting and are on their knees frequently these days to plead for miracles in an election that is coming down to the choice between good and evil. David Barton, who is our favorite historian, taught a lesson on Glenn Beck’s program (October 11) about the practice of fasting and prayer in our nation’s history. I was amazed at how many times a time of prayer, or of fasting and prayer, was called by our country’s leaders. David also taught us about Abraham Lincoln’s religious experience and how his strong conversion changed the course of the war (sort of like how the King’s attack on religious liberty changed the course of his country.)

Please, please, please watch this program from Friday, October 11, on the Glenn Beck show, on The Blaze TV. The Blaze is the name of Beck’s on-line tv station. Your first two weeks are free, and you can watch previous shows in the archives without limit. Your children can watch Liberty Tree House. There are also a couple of news programs, with a lively group of young broadcasters. But most important, watch that Friday, Oct. 11, program and consider joining with millions of others in prayer if you aren’t already. Beck said his prayer right before the first debate was that the Lord would help people recognize good and evil. He does not consider Romney a perfect man, but he is a very good man, who, like Washington, would really rather not do this. He is a man the Lord can work with.

And please be sure you have registered to vote. The most important election of our day is only a few weeks away.

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