Escape Common Core

May 26, 2014

Escape Common Core
by Joyce Kinmont

On Conference Saturday mornings, my husband and I attend a private breakfast meeting in Salt Lake to learn about current issues. For the most recent breakfast, I was invited to prepare a short talk on Common Core, which I titled “Escape Common Core.” My goal was to make every word count. I don’t know how well I achieved that goal, but after the presentation I moved the goal post and stopped counting words, references, and comments and ended up with more than 20 pages of information. It is now on the website, linked to the text explaining the video on the front page, center column. There is enough information there to keep folks busy for a while. It’s a Primer for learning three things: a) Our prophets have warned us that the schools are destroying our children, but we haven’t listened, b) the Lord wants us and our children to have a religious education but we haven’t listed, and c) the Church is giving us the pattern for teaching our children.

Here is the talk:

For the written script and notes, please go to our website. The website has two addresses, one that is shorter to type and one that is easier to remember or to tell people over the phone:

LDS Home Educators Assn website: or
Every Home a School:

3 thoughts on “Escape Common Core

  1. Diane Bash

    Joyce Kinmont,

    I received the e-mail with your April 2014 speech, Escape Common Core. I want to offer my gratitude for sharing this speech, and for all the work you are doing to further truth! I live in a small town in Oregon, where the LDS population is small and not well accepted. While obtaining my master’s degree in education, I was prompted to never apply to teach at a public school. I was an older student with 7 children at home, and was experienced with homeschooling, and even taught at a private school one year between pregnancies. Long story short, I followed the spirit and have been teaching out of my home. I often feel alone (and poor), but your speech gave me encouragement today, and I hope to continue strengthening my resolve to make a difference in the world by providing an excellent and spiritually uplifting education. Thanks again!

    Diane Bash

    1. Sabrina

      Any suggestions for a mother who has to work fulltime (I’m also attending fulltime school myself). I’m pretty much stuck with my daughter having to attend public school. Still looking into any and all helping suggestions and ideas.


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