Utah Governor Reconsidering Common Core

July 21, 2014

Utah Governor Reconsidering Common Core!

Miraculously, on Thursday Governor Herbert called a press conference to announce a reexamination of Common Core. He has asked the Attorney General’s office for a legal investigation of federal involvement, and he has set up parent and professional committees to work on other aspects.  That afternoon the Governor appeared on the weekly radio program of Utah Eagle Forum President Gayle Ruzicka.  To hear exactly what he is proposing, go to the archive list here, then scroll down to on Gayle Ruzicka, then to 2014 0717 Gayle, Gov. Herbert & Scott.mp3. If you stay for the second hour you will hear Constitutional Scholar Scott Bradley explain that the founders purposely left education in the hands of the states. The Federal government was given no Constitutional role in education.  This will be time well spent.

If you have extra time and really want to read articles about the governor’s announcement, see the Deseret News and the Salt Lake Tribune.  To see Gayle maligned in the online publications, see Utah Policy.  For a short, sane national overview, see Breitbart.  Gayle is the heroine on many Utah issues — and she is the most hated woman in the state.  Go to the Utah Eagle Forum website and read the principles for which the organization stands; they are right on the front page!  What is there to complain about? In other states, check the national Eagle Forum website to find your state organization.

Attend the July 22 Live Broadcast –TOMORROW!
Many small miracles have led to this opportunity for Utah to remove its children from Common Core. One of those little miracles is the timing of the governor’s announcement right before the We Will Not Conform strategy event, a live broadcast from Glenn Beck’s Dallas studio to 650 theaters throughout the nation tomorrow evening, July 22.  Michelle Malcom and David Barton will also be speaking.  Ten Utahns, including Gayle Ruzicka, Utah State Representative Brian Greene, Davis School District Board member Peter Cannon, and several grassroots activists, including Alisa Ellis & Whitne Strain will be in the Dallas audience.  The rest of Utah will be in our local theaters where new technology is being used to make this event interactive. Take your phone or tablet in case you decide to tweet or text.

Wherever you live, please, please attend. We need a mass turnout at all 650 movie theaters and especially at the ten Utah theaters where the news will be reporting the size of the audience, so we need a show of strength.  I’m sure activists in other states are saying the same. Go here to find the movie theater nearest you .  If the Lord is providing an escape for us, it will not be handed to us on a silver platter; we will have to do the work!

Self-Education Distruptively Innovates College

Disruptive Innovation is a theory developed by Clayton Christensen, about which he has written many books.  We have talked about him before, and I have been studying the subject again in relation to Common Core and college.  I will report on this in a few weeks.  In the meantime, Oliver DeMille has sent out a TEDex talk given by a father in Hong Kong who speaks of homeschooling his children and gives some advice on college.  This is a delightful presentation. See it on Oliver’s post here.

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  1. jtaysom

    Thank you so much for all you do, I appreciate your posts and the wonderful information you pass along. Thank you for being involved and helping others like me be thinking about these things and be inspired to get involved.


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