The Kinmont family began homeschooling since 1975.  Those were hard times with much opposition, but homeschooling was the best educational decision we ever made.  We have raised capable, intelligent, talented children with wonderful spouses, and we’re enjoying a bounteous crop of delightful grandchildren.

Today parents have many educational options — charter school, part-time public school, full or part-time private schools, on-line schools or courses, mentors, private apprenticeships, and — most important — parental teaching and self-education, as parents do naturally anyway.

The LDS Home Educators was formed in 1990 to support members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, particularly those outside of Utah who were often alone.  We held annual conferences until 2007 when the need seemed less and my staff had grown up and had lives of their own.  Now we see a resurgence of excitement about homeschooling, especially as the LDS church is promoting more effective methods of religious teaching in the home.  Those methods work for math and grammar too.

We are an LDS-oriented organization with no formal connection to the LDS Church except our own memberships.  We welcome parents of any religions to join our discussions.  Full-time homeschooling is not a requirement; every home is a school even if the students are enrolled in classes elsewhere.

Joyce Kinmont
Founder, LDS Home Educators Assn.
Syracuse UT
April 28, 2012


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